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Innovative thinking and delivery.

As a consequence of our market knowledge and experience, we are in the position to offer the following complimentary services:

Compensation Surveys

Some clients find that the 'industry standard' solutions in this field are too 'generic'. Sectors, such as Corporate Real Estate are so diverse in terms of organisation structures, terminology, maturity and complexity that often, standard remuneration surveys are both misleading and inaccurate. Given we are constantly capturing live data across multiple sectors and that we understand and can interpret the terminology used, we often find that we are in a strong position to add value to this process.

Competitor & Sector Analysis

We offer comprehensive reports that provide detailed commentary on specific markets, competitor structure or activity - invaluable, unbiased data to support decision making when evaluating new or existing markets.

3rd Party Approach

Where a client has identified a potential hire, we can make the initial approach and manage the subsequent process, negating any reputational risk and providing an impartial market view.

Team Acquisition & Joint Ventures

We can identify complete teams to strengthen an existing business or to penetrate a new market with both the necessary and immediate impact. Furthermore, we regularly discuss joint venture opportunities with clients in order to strengthen their existing franchise.

Outplacement Advice

During periods of restructuring, where senior individuals are impacted, clients can come to us with a specific brief (either as a 'top up' to a standard outplacement package, or as a 'stand-alone' service) to assist specific individuals on how best to approach and present themselves to the market.